Romance & Comedy Series

The Mistakes i Never Forget

  • “The mistakes I never forget” is the story of the struggle of a young man, Gautam—who moves to Bangalore, the silicon city of India—in hunt of a lucrative job in a software company. He has completed his engineering degree, but struggles to speak English fluently. This makes his employers’ think he is not qualified enough and refuse to give him a job.

  • He shares space in a dingy one room apartment with three other young men, Lawrence, a nerd, Kamesh a hulk, and Madhan, who doubles up as their chef—all struggling for months to find software jobs and make ends meet.

  • Even his roommates and friends ridicule him because of his language shortcoming. However, when a beautiful, talented young woman, Reshmi, falls in love with Gautam, his friends are amazed and question the why and how of this relationship.

  • Reshmi’s works in the software industry, but dreams of being a choreographer

  • Will she fulfill her dream?

  • Will Gautam get a job in a software company despite his stuttering English?



  • A ghost one day shows up in front of a ten-year-old boy, Arjun, and just like that, his brain is trapped.

  • His parents are unaware and even the doctors seem clueless.

  • This ghost then draws him as a witness to the various crimes in the city.

  • Arjun stands in the media spotlight as he successfully helps the police to crack the old cases which had bamboozled them initially but Arjun’s life becomes miserable when he reveals the truth to the police and the ghost starts threatening him, finally putting his life in jeopardy.

  • Would this boy survive? Would he be freed from the daredevil dreams and live like a normal kid?